Friday, December 13, 2013

House of Hardcore III

About a month ago, Chris convinced me to attend a wrestling show with him.  I've never been a big fan of wrestling, but the idea didn't seem horrible to me so I agreed.  We headed up to Poughkeepsie for a night of craziness at the House of Hardcore III.

They started off with a couple of matches that weren't too exciting.  Following those they moved into some tag team match ups.  Those got a little more intense.  It was fun picking one of the teams to cheer for throughout the matches. 

My main man, Spike Dudley, in his awesome overralls!

My favorite character of the night showed up during the Battle Royal match.  Spike Dudley was hilarious to me.  I just loved him in his overalls and with his goofy walk.  Too funny!  In the picture above he is in the center about to put those two much larger men on their backs.  He was the best!

Devon Dudley and Matt Hardy

Devon Dudley (yes, he and Spike are brothers...I'll let you try to figure that one out) and Matt Hardy were an entertaining duo.  They won their tag team match, but not without the help of a table and ladder to do some damage!

X-Pac and Lance Storm pumping up the crowd before the main event.

The main event boasted X-Pac and Lance Storm versus Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.  Terry Funk was a sight for sore eyes.  I've never seen a wrestler that old in my life...and thanks to my brother, Jordan, I've seen my fair share.  He was literally on his last legs.  He retired after the victory.  Though Chris told me he had retired before.  Hopefully, it sticks this time.  Not sure how much more the guy can take.

Terry Funk bidding the crowd farewall after his retirement is announced.

Overall, the experience was fun.  I enjoyed spending time with Chris doing something that he liked.  It was entertaining to watch the people that were near the ring really get into it.  The environment was sort of surreal.  I don't think I'll be putting wrestling matches in my things to do on the weekend rotation anytime soon, but I am glad I was able to experience it with Chris this one time. 

Andrea :)

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