Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fun in Londontown

After a fun weekend in Bulgaria (Plovdiv and Sofia), Chris and I headed back to London.  It was nice to be back in a country where everyone spoke English and we were familiar with the transportation system.  We didn't waste much time as we had a full day planned!  First, we headed out to Greenwich to the National Maritime Museum.  Every single time I have been in London, I have intended to go check out the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, but it eluded me each trip.  I was determined this time.

The journey was a long one.  It involved a ride on the DLR as well as the tube, but we finally made it!  We found the National Maritime Museum with no problem at all.  Then, we discovered our final destination was a little over a mile climb straight uphill!  Needless to say, we weren't expecting to be hiking on this gorgeous, but a tad warm day.

National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

View of the National Maritime Museum from the top of the hill.

We were exhausted by the time we arrived, but we made it!  We had fun taking a whole array of pictures with the marker for the Prime Meridian.


Official marker for the Prime Meridian

After our journey back downhill, we looked around Greenwich for a bit before grabbing some yummy fish and chips for lunch and getting on our way back to central London.

We took a stroll through Greenwich Market.

We eventually ended up near Euston Station at The Cider Tap.  We met my NFL Europa buddy there for a nice chat.  Michael and I have been friends for awhile now so it was great that he was finally able to meet Chris.  And, of course, they had fun talking soccer among other things!

NFL Europa for LIFE :)

After our meet up with Michael, we quickly headed off to one of the highlights of the trip for me - Wicked on the West End!!!  Chris got these tickets for my birthday and the delayed celebration was most definitely worth it!  This was my third time seeing Wicked (but Chris's first).  It was fabulous!  And Chris enjoyed it as well which made me happy!

Our day in London was a quick one, but full of lots of adventure.  We made one last stop in Belguim before we returned to America.  More to come on that day trip soon...

Andrea :)

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