Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Stadium Review - Redskins

Washington Redskins

Name of Stadium: FedEx Field
Capacity: 85,000
Game Attended: versus Chiefs in December 2013 with Chris
Worked a game at this stadium? No.

Last weekend, Chris and I began our journey to FedEx Field at 6:30am.  We took the MegaBus down to DC's Union Station where we met up with a couple of Chris' friends and boarded the metro headed toward the stadium.  

The weather forecast hadn't been stellar for the weekend.  I had never been to a football game in the snow before so this was definitely a different experience!  Our tickets were in the 300 level near the top of the stadium, but the view wasn't terrible there.  

By the time we found our seats, the snow and sleet was coming down pretty steady.  It was difficult to get too many pictures, but I managed to snap a few.  Besides the frigid conditions, it was actually fun to watch the action.  The Redskins seem to have checked out of the game pretty early so the Chiefs were taking full advantage...especially on special teams! 

After the half, we ventured down to the 100 level for a better (and covered) view of the game even though it was a blowout by then.  We met up with my co-worker in the section he and his friends had scouted out.  The snowy mixture had slowed down by then...and the stadium was essentially empty.

I really liked the way the stadium was laid out as well as the two large video board on either end of it.  These made it easy to follow the action regardless of the level where you were seated.  The other major plus for this stadium was affordable concessions.  They were selling hot chocolate for $5 when any other stadium would have been charging at least $8.  I was honestly surprised by the affordable pricing.  My co-worker was also able to get very inexpensive ($15-20) standing room tickets to the game.  Those were ideal for a day like we were there because there was plenty of extra seating throughout the stadium.

Overall, FedEx Field gets a thumbs up from me even given the conditions.  I mean, it would have been nice to have the stadium salted throughout and a bit better prepared for the elements, but from what I heard it is uncommon for the area.  I would definitely give the stadium another shot in some warmer months and with a full house cheering for their beloved team.  This was definitely an experience to remember though!

Andrea :)


  1. I actually had a different experience there but it was for a concert and not a game, maybe that's why. But they charged $50 for parking at a drink was no less than $8! If I wanted an alcoholic drink, it was more like $13! it was nuts!

  2. My sister in law and her hubby have season tickets for the Skins and they were at that game. She said she wanted to leave, but her hubby made them stick it out to the bitter end, haha. :) Sad showing by the Skins that day, sigh. And all season. :(