Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in the Life of ME

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am NOT an early bird.  AT ALL.  The morning is actually my enemy.  That's a safe way to refer to it.  I am a highly functioning night owl.  My best work and most creative ideas occur to me right around 2am.  That being said, here's a look at my typical work week day.

7:15am - First alarm goes off.  I promptly shut it off and tell Chris to wake up.

7:30am - Second alarm goes off.  I nudge Chris to get up.

8:00am - Chris wakes me up.  There is no alarm - just Chris' encouragement.
8:10am - Upon insistent (and requested) encouragement, I finally get out of bed.  Ugh.  I sleepily run through the morning routine.  A quick bowl of cereal so I can take my vitamins.  A dash of make-up.  And the beyond necessary straightening of my hair.  Seriously, if I didn't have to do this every morning I would totally sleep an extra 15 minutes.

9:15am - Get lunch together.  Along with anything else I'll need for the day.  And head for the elevator.

9:25am - Walk to subway.  Pray it's not raining...or the day will most certainly be ruined!  This is not a joke...if there is one type of weather I can't handle in NYC, it is rain.

9:33am - Get on subway train.  Hopefully, I make the first train that stops at the station.  Some days, I wait for multiple trains to pass before there is enough space for me to squeeze in there amongst the thousands of other commuters.  Oh, and preferably, I get a spot at the front of the train so I have to fight through less people to make my way up the escalators after just one measly little stop.

9:36am - All that fuss for a three minute ride.  Definitely doesn't do much to add cheer to the mornings!

9:42am - Finally, I am at my desk.  Still not totally ready to be awake, but I am getting there.  I change out of my tennis shoes into my dress shoes, put my lunch in the fridge, and login to my computer.  My work day has officially begun...

12:30pm - Take a break from the conference calls, emails, and other work for lunch.  My colleague (yes, the same one that made our Save the Date video...check it out here!) and I head upstairs to the Huddle Cafe.

1:00pm - Back to work.  More meetings, calls, and emails...

5:45pm - Begin to pack up and change back into my tennis shoes.  Say my goodbyes and head out for the subway.

6:00pm - After being completely squished by strangers from all walks of life both on the platform and once I finally managed to get into the train car, I am back at the apartment complex.  I check the mail and head upstairs on the elevator.

6:15pm - Changed and ready for my run.  *This portion of my day varies based on my training schedule.  If I have an off day, I use this time to read or work on blog stuff.  Or just relax.

I ran across the Queensboro Bridge to the East Side of Manhattan and back for a short 4 miler.  On the bridge, there are cars on one side of the running/bike path with a fence and the subway train on the other side.  Quite an experience!

7:15pm - Back from my run and ready for dinner.  We have been keeping a schedule of dinner meals to help us ensure we include healthy options and also so that we are sure to use all the groceries before we make a trip to the store for more.  This particular day, we veered from the schedule.  Chris opted for soup while I fixed some breakfast for dinner.

8:00pm - Catch up on the DVR.  In honor of all the March madness, we watched the 30 for 30 called I Hate Christian Laettner.  It was very good!!  Definitely recommend checking it out.

11:00pm - Shower and get ready for bed.  Call my parents to chat for a bit...they are on a different time zone (and also night owls).

11:50pm - Read in bed until I get sleepy.  Since I had the run today, I was probably out by around 12:30.

So there you have it...a typical day in my life.  At least at this point.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?  
What is your favorite part of each day?

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Andrea :)


  1. Breakfast for dinner, yum! I love it. :) I love seeing a glimpse into your day, Andrea. I'm a night owl, too. Mornings are the DEBBIL. haha. You can always email or text me late at night if you want. I'm always awake. :)

    Thanks for joining us! Hugs!

  2. It's so cool to be able to see the daily lives of different folks! I can't even imagine living in NYC, to me it seems so incredible but I know I would probably get stressed out. When I visited about 10 years ago I remember thinking how the pace is warp speed compared to Memphis. And look at your awesome office!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. I can't imagine the NYC commute and hustle and bustle of it all! I AM jealous you don't have to get there until after 9. I start at 9 and that means leaving my house no later than 8:10! BLAH- can i come to the huddle cafe?! :)

  4. I`m definitely a night owl, too! I get all my mojo after 9pm.
    I love 30 for 30s, I need to check that one out!
    And your save the date video is adorable (:

  5. Oh I love my straightening my hair too #WODW

  6. Your day is so interesting! First of all, YES on the Cap'n Crunch! Second, I bemoan having to straighten my hair and how much time it wastes too, but I guess I'm a slave to looking presentable. Haha.

    Your commute is so NYC and what I imagine it to be :). Thanks for sharing that.

    Something we definitely don't have in common is that I'm an early bird. As soon as 8pm rolls around I start getting antsy about losing sleep. Haha. I'm a reformed night-owl though. I didn't become an early bird until I had kids.

  7. I think you have it upside down. If your best work gets done at 2 am your are an early bird - a very early bird.

  8. I am totally an early bird. I'm at work by the time your first alarm goes off! But it's a nice trade off because I like getting out of work earlier. It would drive me batty to be here until 5 or later. I'm usually in bed by 9:30 to accommodate. I haven't seen 12:30am in a long time - unless it's from my comfy bed!