Thursday, March 5, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX - The Halftime Show

Super Bowl halftime is always a highlight of the night.  Always.  It is a made for TV show.  Sometimes those elements that appear so vividly on the TV screen don't come through in person.  This was certainly one of those shows with lots of special effects.

In the end, Katy Perry's performance received mixed reviews.  And, unfortunately, we didn't have a clear view of two of the most talked about portions of it - the sharks and Missy Elliot!

Patiently waiting (finger light ready) for the show to begin...

We were sitting in the endzone where she began the show with her walk in on the massive lion.  Pretty impressive...both in person and on TV.

We were in good position to enjoy the Lenny Kravitz guest appearance, but then lost track of most of the rest of the performance.

We were on the wrong side of things to have a full understanding of what was happening with the swimsuit/shark sequence.  Though from watching it later on TV, I'm not certain we missed too much there.

I was SO upset when we weren't able to really see the Missy appearance though.  Initially, it was very unclear exactly where they were from our section.  Didn't keep us from THOROUGHLY enjoying this portion of the performance though.  What a great little interlude!!

The ending with the fireworks was neat, but very much anticipated.  It was super brave to be up on that shooting star.  I would have been a nervous wreck up there.  Very neat way to end the show.

The part that just totally blows me away about the halftime show is the part that the TV viewer doesn't see - the set up and breakdown.  Truly incredible how quickly it happens...and how many people it takes to get the job done.  The pictures can't really capture it, but it definitely gives you an idea of the scope of the show.

Were you a fan of the show?  Which element did you enjoy most?

Andrea :)


  1. Missy Elliott hands down was the best surprise ever! She looked amazing. Its neat to see the set-up/tear-down aspect of it, because I think of it in terms of "ok, halftime is a set time limit, and they have to do a LOT in that time!"

  2. So awesome!! I love Katy Perry and have seen her in concert- so I think she always puts on a good show. I loved Missy showing up too! So crazy about the set-up/tear down- what an effort!!