Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Finding my Dress

Most often a bride-to-be is thrilled about searching and seeking out her dress.  Well, not this particular bride.  I was dreading this process actually.  For many reasons, but mainly because I knew it would be extremely difficult for me to decide on one.  And I was sorta bummed about not having my parents there for the process of searching.  In the end, I was able to go with three different gal pals...and we were able to FaceTime with my parents when I thought I had found THE one.  It wasn't exactly the same as I'd always envisioned it, but it worked.

My first visit was with my faux-bridesmaid, Mary.  She was expecting her first child just a few weeks before the wedding so traveling to KY for my big day wasn't possible for her, but I was SO happy to be able to include her in all the local stuff :)  I had gone to David's Bridal with her when she tried on her wedding dress a few years prior so it was only fitting that she be there for my first wedding dress experience.  I tried on a whole slew of dresses...

Mary was a great friend to have with me.  Her advice and thoughtful comments were very helpful.  I found a couple that I really liked.  They were different from one another and neither seemed exactly perfect, but I liked the prices.  Before we left, Mary mentioned that she wished she had done more trying on of wedding dresses when she was preparing for her wedding because it really isn't something you can go back and do again.

I mulled over the two dresses I liked and thought about her advice.  My parents seemed in agreement on those being the best two dresses from the photos I sent them, but I decided to try one more store just to be sure.

My first trip to R.K. Bridal was solo.  I gathered up a handful of dresses to try on with Jo's assistance.  She was great.  We tried on a couple and she gave her honest and raw opinion.  And I needed it.  She asked my budget, and then went and pulled a dress that was just a tad out of the range I wanted to spend.  But it was perfect.  I tried to convince myself it wasn't the best option because of the price, but deep down I knew it was the dress I would wear on my wedding day.

I couldn't take photos unless I officially said "yes" to the dress, but I snuck one in.  And told Jo I would be back that weekend with a decision for sure.  I returned with one of my bridesmaids, Amanda.  She liked it even though it was a few sizes too small and had to be pulled together at the back with clips.  I still liked it and we were able to FaceTime my parents so they could have a peek, but I still wanted to get another opinion on the David's Bridal dresses before I officially committed so Amanda and I ventured there next.

Amanda helped me think through my three favorites once we made our way through a few new dresses and my old faves at David's Bridal.  We came to the conclusion that my fave from David's Bridal would be perfect for me if I was getting married in the summer or on a beach, but might not be ideal in a historic church in the middle of Old Louisville during the fall.

Even though I knew I would be happier with it in the end, I was still torn over the higher price of the R.K. Bridal dress (Justin Alexander 8707).  I am SO glad I chose it though.  It just so happened that on the fourth anniversary of the day I met Chris for the first time, I went back to R.K. Bridal and ordered my dress with two great friends by my side - Mary and Reba, another bridesmaid.  They confirmed I'd made the best choice and really loved the style and features of the dress on me.  I was anxious that I hadn't been able to try it on in my size before ordering, but I quickly put it out of my mind and moved on to figuring out what the bridesmaids should wear...

First time trying on MY actual wedding dress!! (Aug 2014)

Andrea :)

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