Thursday, March 26, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Sending our Invitations

As I mentioned before, we opted to email a Save the Date Video to our guests given the short window of time between finalizing our date and location and when we needed to mail out the actual invitations.  Since we were doing a destination wedding of sorts, it was important for us to mail out invites early to allow guests plenty of time to arrange travel.

We looked through a handful of invite options before deciding we liked the New York and Kentucky theme best.  We used Invitations by Dawn to design the invites.  They were quick to turn around the online proof and speedy on mailing them out to us.  Time was the one thing we didn't have enough of at this point in the process so it was great to work with them.

Once they arrived, we began stuffing and stamping.  We had already decided to print basic address labels for the exterior envelope and for the return envelope.  And mom and dad were kind enough to gift us with plenty of wedding stamps.  As we began putting everything together we realized that we had made one big mistake!  We forgot to include a line where the guest could indicate they would or would not be able to attend.  Oops!!

Some quick wording on a label did the trick!  We printed enough of those to sticker the back of each response card and voila...problem solved!  It added a bit more work for us, but we managed to get them all in the mail with time to spare!  Now, the waiting game for responses began...

Andrea :)

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