Thursday, March 12, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Tasting the Cake

In May, we made a second big wedding planning trip back to Kentucky.  This time we focused on vendors - mostly florists and bakeries - though we did sign a contract with our hotel and had our first meeting with the "month of" wedding planner that we hired. My favorite part of this trip...and perhaps the entire wedding planning process...was the cake tastings.  I set up appointments with three different bakeries.  And, ironically, we ultimately ended up using all three of them for various aspects of our wedding weekend.

Our first stop was Desserts by Helen.  We met with Helen's son, Craig, for our tasting.  He was by far the nicest and most accommodating individual we met on our tour of cake tastings.  The cake was good.  Not out of this world, but good.

Next, we met with Sweet Surrender.  To be honest, the meeting was a bit pretentious.  The cake was good with lots of options for us to try.  However, they were most interested in our design (which we anticipated to be quite simple) and that seemed to play a big factor in their pricing.  They also seemed very pushy for a commitment.

The last place we visited, Heitzman's Bakery, lacked in customer service, but the cake was phenomenal!  SOOO tasty.  They had plenty of options and seemed pretty standard in their pricing, but we simply didn't get a lot of attention here.  That concerned us since we were planning from out of town.

Leftovers the morning after our wedding...yum!!

At the time we were deciding on a bakery, we planned to do a mix of a traditional layered cake and cupcakes.  After doing some figuring and thinking about our options, we ultimately decided that Desserts by Helen was the place for us.  It just felt right.  We made a plan with them initially.  And then it changed.  And changed one last time much closer to the wedding date.  Ultimately, we decided to stick with a very simple traditional three-layer cake with a sheet cake to be held in the kitchen to feed the rest of our guests.  We only managed to try the very small piece we cut for one another the night of our wedding, but it tasted like perfection to me!

Andrea :)

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  1. This was my favorite part of wedding planning too! The hall we booked used one specific baker, so we were kind of stuck there but the cake was amazing! We really lucked out there. I would have loved trying a few more though!