Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pro Bowl Fun in the Sun

Since I work Super Bowl, I typically don't have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our all-star event - the Pro Bowl.  This year, it happened to be in Arizona instead of Hawaii so I was able to enjoy it in person along with my parents.  They spent about a week with me out in Phoenix before the Super Bowl craziness really got started. They made the most of their time having fun in the sun, touring a church and historic house nearby, and catching some movies at the local theater.

On game day, they were located in the Loft section of the stadium.  The seats were awesome!  And complete with food and drinks, too.  Fortunately, I was able to visit with them for a good bit of time there.

When I wasn't visiting with them, I was overseeing one of the credential conflict resolution centers on the opposite endzone of the stadium.  It actually wasn't a terrible gig as there weren't many issues and I had a great view of the huge video board.

View from the Conflict Resolution Desk I worked during the game.

Overall, the game wasn't super exciting.  The mascots proved entertaining though.  They were quite a rowdy bunch this year!  And it was neat to see a cheerleader from each team at the event as well!

I am glad that I was able to invite my parents out for a week of Pro Bowl fun in the sun even though I was stuck in the office most of the time!

Andrea :)

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