Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX - The Tailgate Party

Each of the past five years, I have listened carefully as my brothers, parents, and Chris described the impossible joys of The Tailgate Party to me.  I have always been SO very curious as to its mysteries.

As you might have guessed, this year, I indulged.  Fully.  And had not one single regret as I entered the stadium just moments before kickoff.  It proved quite worthy of all the praise heaped upon it for all those years.  And I could not have been more thankful to have finally had the experience for myself.

Chris and I had a plan.  We were going to hit all the stations.  Take full advantage of everything being offered to us on this beautiful sunny Arizona day.

In the end, we managed to hit most stations.  The high points.  We skipped the chili cook-off area.  Not sure we would have lasted long there anyway given how much I was sweating from just walking around.  We opted for other traditional southwestern fare like tacos.  Lots of tacos.

Obviously, we didn't miss a dessert station.  I mean, honestly people, who would?  I had an absolute dream of chocolate covered strawberry and banana kabobs.  Three, actually.  And, they were SO fabulous that I walked the entire length of the venue to attempt to secure a fourth...with no luck.  Though I did happen upon an amazing cupcake display as a result.  Score!!

They also had music.  Dirks Bentley, I believe.  And some neat drum-like instruments.  But the food won out without a doubt.  There was just so many options...and too little time!

The most useful area was the phone re-charging station.  Genius move!  It was packed in this space. But luckily the salted caramel squares were just a few steps away!

Tailgate truly was an experience like no other.  And we haven't even gotten to the game...or halftime show...yet. 

Andrea :)