Monday, July 20, 2015

Charleston Eats

No exploration of a city is complete without devouring some food in a few of the city's best spots! We spent a good deal of time seeing all the sites in Charleston, but we managed to work in a few meals as well.  We experienced two fabulously fun restaurants while we were in town - brunch at Hominy Grill and dinner at Jestine's Kitchen.  We also grabbed breakfast one morning at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit - yum!  And you know we found a dessert spot - Cupcake DownSouth!

There was an hour wait when we arrived at the subtle Hominy Grill location.  It is located right in the middle of a neighborhood not too far away from popular King Street.  It came highly recommended so we waited it out.  And it was definitely worth it!  They are known for their shrimp and grits, but none of us were brave enough to get those.  I did try the cheese grits though and they definitely get a thumbs up.  We also splurged for the Fried Green Tomato appetizer.  It was amazing!!  Some of us got breakfast and some got lunch.  Chris had the Fried Green Tomato BLT....certainly unique!

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit was fantastic!  It is a tiny little shop on King Street, but SO worth it!  We lucked out and were actually able to grab a couple of seats inside.

The selection made deciding which three to try a real chore.  All the options looked great!  Chris and I eventually settled on blackberry, country ham, and cheese & chive.  They were all delicious!  Mom even let me have a bite of the cinnamon one - the only biscuit mom and dad opted for that we didn't.  So nice of her to share :)

Jestine's posed a bit of a wait as well.  Again, it was highly recommended so we waited it out.  It was so hot they even had fans and a cooler of water with cups for those waiting outside to enjoy.

Once inside, we munched on some super tasty cucumbers and onions before our meal arrived.  We also ordered some cornbread - SO good!  Chris tried the Cheerwine.  I ordered the pecan fried chicken breast with two vegetables - mac & cheese and watermelon...not sure either of those qualify as veggies, but I'll take it.  Super neat little place if you don't mind the wait!

Finally, you know we found a cupcake shop!  And not just any cupcake shop either.  The icing on these bad boys was piled high!!

We tried bits and pieces of several different ones - red velvet, creamsicle, strawberry, watermelon, coconut, and charleston love - a cupcake specially made to benefit the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund.  Each one I tried hit the spot so I honestly don't think you can go wrong here.  Well, as long as you scrape off about half the icing before you dig in!

Have you been to Charleston?
Where did you eat?

Andrea :)


  1. I love this post! We tried Waters Edge in Shem Creek (will be returning to this one!), Eggs Up (Mount Pleasant, a chain, but we love it!). Downtown we tried Bubba Gumps (I know, another chain, but one Patrick loves) and Lowcountry Bistro (will NOT be returning). I am going to add your choices to my list of must-try places! Those biscuits look good enough to drive down there right now!

  2. Yum! I am salivating over all your photos. Glad you found some good places!