Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Photobooks & Centerpieces

Our reception venue provided both an elegant and relaxed feel for guests.  Everyone had plenty of time to explore the museum and check out all the exhibits while we finished up with photos at the church.

Even though we didn't get a chance to mingle and enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests, we did have some photobooks strategically placed on tables throughout the space.  Since the beginning of our relationship, I have been diligent about keeping scrapbooks filled with photos of all the fun we've had through the years.  It would have been a major chore to bring those to Kentucky so I just replicated them in photobook form for all our guests to enjoy.

I made one for each of the four years we spent dating.  Another was from the time of our engagement throughout the wedding planning months.  And a final sixth book contained photos from our European adventure in the fall of 2013.

Once we arrived at the venue and had a chance to check out how everything was set up, guests were directed toward the main hall where dinner would be served.  Instead of using place cards for guests to find their table, we used two framed seating charts that were located just outside the hall.  We thought this would be both functional and cost-effective.  Plus, we plan to use the frames in our home!

Each table was marked with a uniquely numbered basket full of apples.  We decided on apples for three reasons: we live in The Big Apple, horses eat apples (sticking with the KY Derby theme), and the fall season provided easy access to a bundle of them!  We actually spent some time the day before the wedding heading out to Huber's Orchard to pick them up ourselves.  Figuring out our unique number markers proved to be more of a challenge.  In the end, it was fun to reminisce in order to come up with an event series, thing done, or place visited for each of the numbers on our tables. 

1 - NYRR Races Run
2 - Improv Experiences
3 - Apple Picking Adventures
4 - Countries Visited
5 - Days Spent at Saratoga Racetrack
6 - Soccer Matches Attended
7 - Broadway Shows Enjoyed This Year
8 - Trips to Visit Friends in Pittsburgh
9 - Concerts Attended
10 - Months We Were Engaged
11 - NFL Regular Season Games Attended
12 - Journeys to Kentucky
13 - Best Picture Nominated Movies Seen in Theater
14 - Wedding Attended
We also had an A and C marker used for our immediate family.

Originally, I was planning to make these by hand, but as the days drew closer and the time became less awesome cousin, Tricia, came to the rescue!  She took my idea and ran with it.  We did lots of sending photos back and forth and a few late night phone calls...and I even shipped her the materials that matched our wedding color scheme, but it all turned out absolutely perfect!!  It was one of my favorite personal touches of the night.  I really loved them!

The other item at each place setting was our favor.  Another labor of love...but this time at the hands of my parents.  I've never been a huge fan of the wedding favor, but the best ones I've found tend to be the edible ones so we went that route.  Sticking with the KY Derby theme, I convinced mom and dad to make rose shaped suckers for each person.  Growing up it was always a fun thing that we did for various fundraisers or events so even though I wasn't there for the candy making process this time, it meant a lot to me to have something they made there for everyone to enjoy.  The chocolate horseshoes were a last minute add, but definitely pulled the favor together quite nicely!

What are your thoughts on wedding favors?

Andrea :)


  1. What a fun (and beautiful!) place to have a wedding! I love all of the pictures! We did a small, edible favor at our wedding. My husband is OBSESSED with baseball and our first date was a Phillies game, so we had peanuts and boxes of Crackerjacks as a favor! It was easy and cheap and everyone loved it!

  2. What an incredible venue! I love your favors and centerpieces! How awesome!! Stopping by from the linkup :)

  3. Awesome idea for the apples and chocolate!! Edible is always the way to go inmy book :) Thanks for linking up with Macy and me for Wedding Wednesday.