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Saturday States: Texas


State Nickname: The Lone Star State

Year of Family Trip: 1995 and 2006

Cities Visited:
Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, Houston, Amarillo

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:

There are SO many things to do in Texas.  Every city is different and full of its own attractions and food options.  We didn't see or do nearly everything, but we sure made a good effort!

In 1995, we visited the capitol building in Austin, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas (which I've been to three times now...and discovered something new each time!), the Alamo, Riverwalk, and Alamodome arena in San Antonio (my favorite Texan city so far!), the Ranger Museum, Dr. Pepper Museum (get the float...yum!), and a cemetery (and distant relatives' place) for genealogical purposes in Waco, and finally the Space Center in Houston.  It was a hot and sticky summer trip (102 degrees in the shade at the Alamo!), but we really packed in the fun! 

Alamo & Riverwalk (San Antonio)


After a boat ride around the Riverwalk area, we spent some time checking out the shops.  Jordan and I both wanted a t-shirt with Dennis Rodman's face on it.  (It was the mid-90's - the Bulls were all the rage!)  We both presented our case to mom and dad.  I thought it was gonna be mine for sure.  The verdict: They would buy one shirt and we could share it.  What?!?!  Let the pouting begin...

Dr. Pepper Museum (Waco)

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A Family Affair

We visited Waco mostly to see some long lost family members and learn a little more about my great-great-great-grandmother, B Momma.  While we were visiting with these family members and looking at some old photos, we hear a knock at the door.  A quick look out the window revealed two police officers.  After a bit of shuffling and scurrying, the door is opened and just as quickly shut.  Turns out the officers had stopped to ask if they could take some of the figs from the trees in the front yard.  Let's just say we didn't stay too much longer...

Ranger Museum Mishap

Ironically, we nearly had another run in with the law at the Ranger Museum.  This time, McKinley proved to be the person of interest.  After spending some much needed time in the air conditioning looking around the museum, we all ended up in the gift shop.  I'm not sure who exactly was in charge of monitoring the pre-schooler in our group, but as I was walking out of the shop he came up to me showing me his new rocks.  I assumed mom and dad got them for him and we continued on to the parking lot.  It wasn't long until it was discovered that there was no receipt for McKinley's new rocks.  Everyone thought someone else bought them for him.  We turned around and headed right back inside to clear our name before the Ranger of the Month came to arrest us! 
Johnson Space Center (Houston)

Trusting Mamaw

NASA Space Center in Houston is a big place.  So big that a tram is required to take people from one area to another.  Mamaw came on the 1995 trip to Texas with us and was along for the ride at NASA.  We caught her asking perfect strangers to hold her pocketbook for a minute while she made her way into the tram.  What a trusting lady!

Sixth Floor Museum (Dallas)

There is an actual white "X" on the road that marks the spot where Kennedy was shot. 

In 2006, we stumbled upon the Cadillac Ranch and The Big Texan as we passed through Texas on our trip back home from out West.  Both proved quite unique!

Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo)

Bursting at the Seams

Oddly, McKinley had trouble eating once our massive meals arrived at The Big Texan.  He started complaining of a stomachache so Jordan and I did what any good siblings would do and gave him a hard time about being a baby.  And maybe we gave him a few soft jabs to the stomach.  Imagine our disbelief when we arrived back in Kentucky and McKinley was taken in for an emergency appendectomy.  Guess it wasn't just the enormous portions after all.

Have you ever been to Texas?  
Which is your favorite city there?

Andrea :)

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