Monday, July 13, 2015

Myrtle "Beach"

To say we didn't have your typical Myrtle Beach experience would be an understatement. In fact, not once did we set foot on the beach.  It shouldn't be surprising to those that know us best...we just aren't beach people.  Remind me again what exactly is exciting about sweating uncontrollably in the hot sun while sand attaches to every single crevice of your body?  Maybe I don't get it, but nothing about that screams fun to me!

So instead, we made our own fun by reading on our hotel balcony and finding good deals at the outlets.  And just generally relaxing in the AC.  Oh, and we threw in a couple rounds of mini-golf for good measure.

Upon arrival (we flew into Charleston and made the drive over), we settled into the hotel just as a massive thunderstorm hit the area.  Fortunately, the hotel had some stellar dinner options.  We enjoyed some farm to table seafood that was delicious!  So delicious that I didn't get any photos!

The next day, we had our most exciting experience of the trip when Chris made an unexpected friend - a lizard...with incredible suction cup limbs!  We were driving along looking at all our mini-golf options when we rolled up to a stop sign.  As soon as we stopped, our little friend made his appearance.  Right in the center of the driver's side window.  He looks a bit nervous, but we got a good laugh about it thinking he would fall off as soon as we started moving.  We totally underestimated the little fella.  He managed to hang on for much longer than we anticipated.  We were beginning to wonder if we was permanently attached.  It was the most bizarre thing!  Finally, he jumped ship as we got closer to our hotel property.  What a wild ride!

The mini-golf place we selected had two different courses at the same location so we played them both.  But not before a hearty breakfast at Krispy Kreme.  You know it's impossible to pass by there when the light is on!  So tasty!

We played the outdoor (lakes) course first.  It was a tight match, but Chris squeaked out the victory.  The temps were becoming quite uncomfortable, but we managed to make it through another round on the mostly indoor (caves) course as well.  I managed to be the victor for the first time in our relationship on this second course.  I celebrated with a refreshing sno cone - the perfect end to our short stay in Myrtle "Beach"!

Andrea :)

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