Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Dubrovnik, Croatia

We were up bright and early for our day in Dubrovnik.  The day began with a gorgeous scenic drive that allowed us to check out the city from afar before exploring up close despite the rainy conditions.

Our excursion provided a tour of the Old Town as well as a monastery.  Our guide was full of unique and interesting stories making this one of my favorite tours of the trip.  It was particularly interesting to see how much of the city was damaged by the bombings in the early 90's.  Looking down on the city, it was easy to see the difference between the orange and brown roofing materials used either before or after these turbulent times.  Our guide also pointed out the wooden replacement panels inside the monastery as shown in a photo below.

Just as the tour finished up, you can imagine our surprise when we turn to be greeted by one of the ladies from our Murano and Burano day trip in Venice.  It was wild...especially since she wasn't on our cruise AND we weren't originally slated to make a stop in Dubrovnik at all!  It was nice to catch up for a bit before we continued on our way.

There were several intriguing features along the main street inside the Old Town.  First, two gutters run along each side of the walkway.  It is believed that if anyone walks the entire length of those gutters, they will not marry.  Additionally, the tower boasts a beautiful clock on its wall that has to be managed by hand.  That responsibility has been passed down within a local family for many generations now.  Finally, we were stunned by how many languages the vendors spoke in this town.  They offered to do business with us in Dutch, English, or German.  Impressive!  Dubrovnik is a lovely place that we could have spent much more time exploring if we'd been permitted.

Once back aboard the ship, we played more trivia - winning hats at movie trivia and silver medals at sports trivia.  We also managed to work in one more game of Bingo, too.  At dinner, we splurged trying a little bit of three different treats to cap off our wonderful time in the Mediterranean!

Fortunately, we still had a few days left in Italy to continue our honeymoon adventures...

Andrea :)

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