Thursday, July 2, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Toasts & Cake

After our first dances, we moved forward with four wonderful speeches before we finally cut our cake. We alternated between my Men of Honor and Chris' Best Men.  My baby brother kicked things off on a light-hearted, but very sweet note.

"As the baby brother, me and Andrea had a really tight knit close relationship. While she was in college, every day me and my sister would write letters - that's how long it's been - but yeah we'd write letters back and forth and my dad would send them and we'd kinda still get to talk every single day. But in all seriousness, Chris, my sister can sometimes drive you crazy, she can sometimes get you to do things you don't want to do, but in all honesty she's always gonna be there for you through thick and thin."

Next, Rich hit us with a wealth of wisdom and insight.  Of course, he spoke about wrestling.  And in a pleasantly surprising way, he gave this blog a shout-out!

"I just want to talk today about how pro wrestling has shaped all our relationships and how I think that's gonna shape his relationship with his new blushing bride. There could have been other things that came up in their lives - difficulties of being in a long distance relationship, finding the Lord together, becoming a couple, trying to figure out everything, the difficulties of trying to figure out blending families - but in the end we knew the outcome was going to be predetermined that these two were going to be together. I think the adventures they have together, the adventures they're gonna share together are awesome and no matter what is in the script for them in the future I know the outcome is already predetermined that they're gonna succeed and do well."

Jordan continued with some nostalgia from our younger years before he provided a few helpful bits of advice.

"Andrea was my very first friend in life which made her my very first partner-in-crime. We got into all kinds of things together...just the two of us. Growing up, it may have seemed like we didn't get along, but I think it was because I was always concerned with trying to live up to the standards you had set before me.  Our Georgetown days brought us close together and I'm so grateful for those years. I couldn't be any happier as you start on this journey as husband and wife with your new partner-in-crime. No matter what happens, always remember to keep God first and He will always help you through any problems that you face. Enjoy every moment that you get to spend with your true love."

Our closer, Justin, told the crowd about the first time the Pittsburgh crew met me.  Spoiler Alert: It had a happy ending.  Oh, and he revealed that I am in fact perfect.  Just sayin'.

"Chris recognized me from a World Politics class that we shared. And Chris reached out to me and really became one of my first true friends at Pitt and that meant a lot to me.  Chris was so friendly and kind.  He's one of the best friends that I've ever had.  Chris is a very particular guy who knows what he wants and he's not gonna settle for anything less than the best. I convinced Chris to bring Andrea to Pittsburgh for one of our groups' annual meet ups..."

We really enjoyed each of these very special people sharing their unique thoughts and words with us.

And then it was cake time!  As you may recall, my favorite part of wedding planning was the cake tasting so needless to say, I was ready for a piece by the time we got to this part of the reception.  Unfortunately, Chris and I cut the piece WAY too small so we just got a quick bite before we were whisked away to the next portion of the night.

Cake Topper created by AntoArts on Etsy.

Luckily, our caterer packed up some leftovers with a couple of slices for us to enjoy the next morning!  YUM! 

Andrea :)


  1. LOVE your cake/topper and the surrounding decorations. Seriously so pretty! :)

  2. Your cake is beautiful, and the rose petals on the table were such a good idea! I love that you know the actual words from those speeches.. both my maid of honor and best man kind of just went for it, so even though I pretty much remember all of it, I don't have them word for word. This reminds me though to check if someone has them on video =)

  3. Aww that cake topper is so pretty!! YUM your cake also looks delcious. I love that you had different flavors. And those speeches - so perfect! Thanks for linking up!