Friday, July 3, 2015

Family Fun in the Big Apple

The #MarriedMaitlands had our first overnight visitors when the #HeflinNortheastTour2015 came to town.  We had SO much fun hanging out with Jordan and Jen while entertaining (or rather being entertained by) our favorite niece and nephew.  And, of course, answering all of Brinley's many questions!  We packed a lot of fun into the week they visited!

We had some pizza on our rooftop to celebrate their arrival to New York City.  The next day, they did some sightseeing before we met up after work to head up to the Bronx for a Yankees game.  Who knew we'd see history, too?  We arrived at the ballpark just in time to catch A-Rod's 3000th hit...and it was a home run to boot!

We all ventured out to the Children's Museum of Manhattan on Saturday.  We spent some quality time playing and running and sliding and jumping there before we ventured out to a BBQ in Hoboken.  The kids really loved the park we found out there.  It was fun for adults, too!  Not gonna lie, I definitely enjoyed relaxing in the tire swing for a few minutes :)

On Sunday, we made our way out to Long Island to visit with Chris' family for awhile.  We grabbed lunch at Grimaldi's where Brinley was fascinated by the pizza making process.  And we definitely had to try out the ice cream at Carvel's before we came back to the city.

I took the day off to spend time with everyone the next day.  We found our way to Madison Square Park for a Shake Shack lunch and a romp through the playground.  Then, the kids had a blast checking out everything in FAO Schwarz - especially all the larger than life stuffed animals!

And, finally, we spent some time in Central Park.  Feeding the ducks, fish, and turtles some stale bread was a highlight of the afternoon.  I took a whirl on the carousel with each of them.  And they enjoyed the playground before we made our way back to the apartment in Long Island City.

That night, the kids ran off their excess energy on the rooftop while the adults enjoyed the splendid view of Manhattan.

Tuesday posed a challenge for Chris and I.  We were tasked with babysitting while Jordan and Jen enjoyed an evening show in the city.  Earlier that day, the Heflin crew stopped by my work for a quick visit in between sightseeing adventures.  That night, Chris and I took the kids to our apartment playroom, watched "Emo" (aka Finding Nemo) and Veggie Tales, made popcorn with Brinley, and successfully managed to get Landon to sleep.  What a night!

We really enjoyed having the company for a few days.  While our apartment isn't nearly big enough for four adults and two children, it was still sad to see them go.

The kids have changed SO much since we last saw them at Christmas so it was fun to be able to interact with them more this time.  We can't wait to see how much they have changed by the next time we see them in person.  Thankfully, we have FaceTime to tide us over in between! 

Andrea :)

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  1. What fun! It's always kind of neat to get to be a tourist in your own town, and show it off a little. There's plenty to do and see in NY for that!