Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Goals - 9 Month Check-Up

1 - Read through the Bible!

My hope was to have this one completed by now, but I got stuck.  In the same spot where I've been stuck before...unfortunately.  I plan to press on though.  I still want to finish this by the end of the year, but for now I am just taking it day by day.

2 - Focus on my health and nutrition.  

I am still on track here.  We are rarely eating out these days which has helped significantly on the nutrition part.  Trying some fun, new meals every so often as well!  And this little thing called marathon training has been keeping me accountable with my runs.  I'm signed up for a half-marathon in mid-October so that should give me an pretty good idea of where I'll stand with the marathon a couple of weeks later.  It has been anything but easy for me this time around, but I am hanging in there!

 3 - Enjoy life as newlyweds.

We just returned from our first anniversary trip...where we had a blast exploring SO many parts of California!!  Those recaps are coming soon, but it's safe to say we are still loving the newlywed life!!  I can't believe we will have officially been married for over ONE year by this time next month!  Unreal!  If you are interested in checking out more of our newlywed adventures, look no further - Month One, Month Two, Month Three, Month Four, Month Five, Month Six, Month Seven, Month Eight, Month Nine, and Month Ten.

4 - Do more things for me.

Focusing on me has been a priority for the past few months.  Fortunately, I have rekindled my love for reading and as a result, I have stretched myself as a writer.  I have lots of irons in the fire right now, but am continuing to find ways to improve upon me.  Improv classes and finishing my scrapbooks are still high on my list, but haven't been realized yet!  Here's to hoping fall/winter will keep me in the city/at the apartment more than the summer months have managed to do.

5 - Redesign this blog. 

I finally have some thoughts here.  I am continuing to explore, but I'm leaning toward making this one a bit of a Christmas present to myself.  I'll keep the wheels turning for now.

6 - Find my passion.    

I *think* I have found my (new) passion.  To be honest, it's always been there...tucked away deep down, but I managed to become quite proficient at stifling it.  I am moving in a direction toward it now.  When I get a little closer, I'll share more with you!

How are your 2015 goals coming along?

Andrea :)

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your new passion and see how your blog redesign turns out. And you're a rockstar with your fitness goals!! :)