Friday, September 25, 2015

LIC Brewery Tour

About a month ago, Chris and I had a rare free weekend so we decided visit the LIC Flea & Food Market for some lunch and a stroll around the neighborhood.  And, as fate would have it, along the way we discovered that an LIC Brewery Tour just happened to be finishing up that weekend so we joined in the fun.

There are four breweries in Long Island City (LIC) - Big Alice Brewing, Rockaway Brewing Company, Transmitter Brewing, and LIC Beer Project.  Each had its own unique style.

We started at Rockaway Brewing Company by default because it is on the same street at the Flea Market.  It is small with a real dive atmosphere, but quite nice.  They also give you a snack size bag of chips with your drinks.  Enjoyable place.

Next, we walked for what seemed like DAYS in the crazy summer heat over to Transmitter Brewing.  I wish I could say that it was worth the walk, but it was a total let down.  It wasn't even really a place.  It was a stand.  And quite odd.  They just provided samples so we were quickly on our way!

Big Alice Brewing was our next stop.  It was certainly the most lively of all four venues.  Lots of people were packed in the semi-small space.  To be fair, they had a lot more room in the back past the bar, but people were just congregating in the front.  We liked this place.  And they even had a beer called Straight Cash, Homey.  You KNOW Chris had to try that one!

Finally, we ventured over to LIC Beer Project - the most spacious of them all.  There weren't too many people at this spot, but it definitely occupied a younger crowd.  They offered cornhole off to the side of the bar toward the back which seemed to be a hit.  I loved the wooden table tops and the creative logo.  Nice place for a small group to just relax and enjoy each others company.

Have you ever completed a neighborhood brewery tour?

Andrea :)


  1. This looks like so much fun.. I love bar hops and brewery tours (even if we make them up ourselves ha). I haven't went on one in my city yet because as soon as we moved here I got pregnant, but I'm not opposed to wrapping the baby up on me and going on a brewery tour sometime soon. During the day, of course, so it's not past bedtime ;)

  2. Not so much a tour, but we've gone to individual breweries. LIC sounds like one of our favorites in the Twin Cities, Dangerous Man. Same low-key vibe, where you just want to hang out, maybe play some board games, and enjoy the beverages & atmosphere. Sounds fun!