Monday, September 14, 2015

The Lion King


When it comes to broadway shows, The Lion King is the ultimate experience.  I saw the show about a year after moving to New York City way back in 2008.  My parents have been to the city nearly every year to visit for a few days and somehow they had never been to see this quintessential show.

This year, I surprised them with tickets for their respective birthdays.  Since Mom's is in April, I sent them crafted tickets in her birthday card.  They were SO excited and we settled on a date in early September (Dad's birthday month) for the show.

I bought us tickets about five rows from the stage in the orchestra.  AMAZING!!  The other time I had watched it with a friend in the balcony so this was really a treat for me as well!  We loved the show, especially the opening scene where the animals all gather on stage by walking up the aisles.  Fascinating to see everything up close!

The way the animals are created using a collection of humans for larger ones like the elephants and graceful ballet artists for others is phenomenal.  The score and voices are excellent as well.  And, honestly, the bits of humor in the story line can't be beat.  The Lion King is such a fun and lovely show.  It is the absolute best (in terms of production) that I have ever seen.

It was an honor to be able to treat my parents to this fabulous show!  They are always there for me...and have allowed me to experience SO much over the years.  I was happy to be able to celebrate our birthdays in this unique way.  And, of course, it wouldn't be a true birthday celebration without (cheese)cake at Junior's afterward!

Andrea :)


  1. SO awesome. Lion King is at the top of my list to see on Broadway one day :) Love how you were able to incorporate both your parents birthdays into the fun- too!

  2. The movie even gives me goosebumps, so I bet the show is amazing!

  3. That is so awesome! Hope you and your parents had an amazing time. :)