Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Exploring LIC with Mom and Dad

Christopher and I have lived in Long Island City for just over a year now. After our first summer in LIC, it is safe to say this little pocket of Queens really comes alive at this time of year. The two big recurring weekend events are Smorgasburg and LIC Flea. We've been to both a handful of times. And really enjoyed introducing my parents to the area with these two events over Labor Day Weekend.

You can't really say you've experienced Smorgasburg unless you try the Ramen Burger. It really hits the spot. A little salty, a little savory, a little tangy. Somehow, it just works. Mom and Dad gave it a shot though Dad was a bit more skeptical than Mom. In the end, they gave it a thumbs up!

We opted for cold treats at LIC Flea & Food since it was such a hot day! The gelato macaroon sandwiches are absolutely delicious. We ordered a passionfruit and vanilla one...and neither disappointed! While debating on our treat selection, we browsed the market style booths and a couple really caught our eye. Chris and I couldn't pass up the creative sign of Queens with our first home of LIC designated on the upper left side.

We spent a bit of time walking along the water at Gantry Plaza State Park, too. There are great views of Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge, lots of unique benches, and, of course, the Pepsi Cola sign! Mom and Dad also enjoyed the scenery from our apartment rooftop. LIC is the perfect spot to watch the sun set over Manhattan's east side. Stunning views!

Andrea :)

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! I think I'd be skeptical about that ramen burger too!