Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday States: South Carolina & North Carolina

South Carolina

State Nickname: The Palmetto State

Year of Family Trip: 2003

Cities Visited: Columbia, Myrtle Beach

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Myrtle Beach

Our family joined up with the Burns family again for a Myrtle Beach adventure in South Carolina.  We enjoyed the camaraderie in Gulf Shores a few years earlier and things didn't change much for the Myrtle Beach trip.  Although, we did include Jennifer (Jordan's wife-to-be eventually) and our Aunt Mary Ruth (my mom's sister).  We had a great trip including a massive manta ray spotting, a dolphin watch boat ride, and some tasty food at Bubba's.  Also, lots of card playing using M&M's as betting pieces and an accidental slip-n-slide made out of pickle juice!  Great memories all around!

North Carolina

State Nickname: The Tar Heel State

Year of Family Trip: 1993

City Visited: One in the Smoky Mountains

Can't Miss Tourist Attraction: Smoky Mountains

North Carolina, as you can see, got marked off our list of states early in the process.  McKinley was around three years old.  It's a wonder Jordan and I didn't coax him into blazing a new trail at some point.  We were pretty skilled at convincing him to do things that may (or may not) have been the best idea in the world.  Honestly though, I don't remember too much about the Smoky Mountain adventure, but the views appear to be stunning.  However, I do remember those bold and bright rainbow striped shorts...LOVED those back in the day!

Have you ever visited the beautiful Carolinas?

Andrea :)

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  1. I have been to both! When I was younger, my Grandparents took me and a cousin to Grandfather Mountain in NC. Then my parents and I spent a week at a vacation home my mom's company owned at the time, also in NC. Lake Toxaway, near Cashiers I think. Plus, I was just there last month! Also in the mountains near Blowing Rock. Such a beautiful area!

    My parents and I also went to Charleston, SC one year for a family vacation. I was a little upset to be separated from my friends during that time (high school!), so I spent some time wallowing rather than enjoying the trip. However, I do remember really liking the city!