Sunday, October 4, 2015

Health & Fitness in September

Honestly, this past month has been a major struggle on the marathon training end.  The month began with a long weekend visit as we hosted my out-of-town parents.  Straying from my routine for those five days wasn't so bad.  I could have recovered from that small deviance easily.  However, the day after my parents left, Chris and I boarded a plane for our west coast adventure.  We did manage a couple of days of significant hiking and walking the steep terrain of California, but I didn't run once during our 10 day journey.

September 1 - 4 mile run
September 3 - 5 mile run
September 10 - 2 mile run; 6 mile bike
September 22 - 4 mile run
September 24 - 7 mile run 
September 26 - 16 mile bike
September 29 - 5 mile run can imagine my trepidation when I returned on September 21 with only a handful of short runs under my belt for the whole month.  I expected to be in real trouble.  And maybe I am, but I also think the rest gave my legs a much needed break.  I felt strong in those first two runs after the trip.  I am working hard to attempt to return to a reasonable level of endurance in the long runs.  My true test will come next weekend when I try my hand...or rather the Brooklyn Rock-n-Roll Half I'm signed up to run.  It is sure to give me an indication of how this marathon will pan out since I'm just under a month away now!

Here's hoping for a quality October in the training department!

Andrea :)


  1. Good luck! Sometimes our legs do just need a break.

  2. Good luck! Exciting that it's so soon!