Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maitlands Go West: Coit Tower & Cable Car Fun

San Francisco has a multitude of fun and exciting neighborhoods to explore.  We didn't have time to check out all of them, but we did spend some time in the Telegraph Hill area that boasts Coit Tower.  We were also able to browse City Lights Books on our way over to the tower.  This famous bookstore has multiple levels of both old and new books.

Eventually, we continued our uphill journey toward Coit Tower.  It was the steepest climb you could imagine!  Definitely not easy to access, but the views were stunning!  We waited in line for about 45 minutes to take a super small elevator to the top.  Upon arrival, we were able to see nearly all of San Fran with a bird's eye view!

On our way back down, we found a couple of stores with an insane amount of records on display!  Chris enjoyed looking through them...and even found a few for his collection!  I was just amazing at the sheer volume for people to sort through.

Our final task on the San Francisco list involved riding the cable cars.  We walked toward the end of one line passing famous Lombard street along the way.  You know I had to stop for pictures there!  We could actually see this street from the top of the tower, but it was in the shade so the photos from up there didn't turn out as clear.

Finally, we found the end of the cable car line!  We rode it both as seated passengers as well as those crazy folks that hang off the side.  I highly recommend riding while standing - SO much fun!!  Experiencing a ride on the cable cars has been on my San Fran to do list for quite some time.  I am so glad that I was able to share the experience with Chris on this trip!

We rounded out our evening with an improv show.  Our hotel advertised the San Francisco Improv Festival was going on the week we were in town. We thought it looked like fun so we bought tickets.  We actually saw a troupe from Louisville (where we held our ironic!) perform the night we attended!    We had some good laughs and enjoyed experiencing a bit of the local life.

Our time in this fabulous city was dwindling, but we had big plans to continue to make the most of it.

Do you enjoy experiencing local activities when visiting a new place? 
Or do you prefer to stick to the tourist attractions?

Andrea :)

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