Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday States: Pennsylvania & Maryland


State Nickname: The Keystone State

Year of Family Trip: 2002 and 2004

Cities Visited: Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hershey

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:
Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Gettysburg Battlefield, Chocolate World

Pennsylvania boasts a variety of places to visit and historical sites to see.  We spent some time in Philadelphia checking out the crack in the Liberty Bell before moving onto Gettysburg.  Mom was really the only one very interested in roaming around the battlefield memorials there.  Unfortunately, the rest of us were on our worst behavior.  Long story short, we ended up with one mad mama as we drove away much earlier than anticipated.

Hershey was a real highlight for our bunch!  We went on a little tour that explained how chocolate is made...and, of course, we did our fair share of taste testing!  Fun stop among all the historical sites!


State Nickname: The Old Line State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

City Visited: Baltimore

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:
Fort McHenry

The most memorable part of Fort McHenry for the Heflin bunch is a bit odd - cheap souvs.  Dad collected a souvenir spoon for each of the states as we visited them throughout the years.  As you can imagine, the prices fluctuated quite a bit from state to state and year to year.  Fort McHenry, where Dad picked up our Maryland spoon, came in on the very low end of that spectrum.

Have you ever been to Pennsylvania or Maryland?

Andrea :)

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