Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mini of the Month: October

Pumpkin Spice everything is all the rage for fall.  This year, Baked by Melissa jumped on board with a pumpkin spice mini.

This tasty mini has all the right stuff!  The pumpkin bread is off-set with vanilla icing and filled with pumpkin spice!  To top it off, the mini features a pumpkin and sprinkle brittle.  Simply delicious!  The Pumpkin Spice mini has the perfect blend of pumpkin without being overpowering.  Definitely enjoyed this yummy treat!

What is your favorite pumpkin flavored food?

Andrea :)


  1. I got some fresh made pumpkin donuts from the Harvest Festival I went to yesterday with the kids. O M G. Delish. :) We had those and apple cider slushies and I about cried from the sheer deliciousness of it. Hehe.

  2. Oh my goodness I'm super jealous of this mini :), delicious!