Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday States: Massachusetts


State Nickname: The Bay State

Year of Family Trip: 2002

Cities Visited: Boston, Salem, Plymouth

Can't Miss Tourist Attractions:
Old North Church, Plymouth Rock, House of Seven Gables, Whale Watch

For such a small state, there sure is a lot to do in Massachusetts.  We made the most of our time visiting Boston, Salem, and Plymouth.  From historical talks to eating fresh seafood to spending time at the watering hole where everybody knows your name to whale watching before the days of digital cameras and actually getting some great photos, Massachusetts has much to offer.

History for Days...and a Surprise!

The history in Boston is rich!  It was incredible to see so many of the buildings that were here when America gained its independence long ago.  Old North Church and Paul Revere's Home were a real treat.  We walked along the streets soaking in all the history before we found a place to grab lunch.  We found a nice spot and settled into our seats to review the menus when McKinley spotted something a bit out of the ordinary - a transvestite with a beard.  Welcome to Boston!

Spooky Salem

Salem was spooky.  We visited a cemetery, learned all about the witch trials, and posed in a stockade. Jordan even managed to talk Mom and Dad into allowing him to get a temporary tattoo.  It was an eerie place to visit, but so worth the trip.

Ricker Does It Again!

The House of Seven Gables is also located in Salem.  It was built for Captain John Turner back in the 1600s and made famous by Nathaniel Hawthrone's 1851 novel by the same name.  We toured the settlement house ending in the garden area at the back.  Dad decided this would be a great spot for Ricker to have his photo made so I got him all set and squatted behind the bushes to wait. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before I finally rose from my crouch to see what in the world was taking so long.  Dad was pointing behind me and laughing his head off.  I turned to see a huge tour group filing out of the house staring my way with looks of pure puzzlement on their faces.  Thanks, Ricker!

That Time Dad Touched Plymouth Rock

Often throughout our Northeastern adventure, Dad would recount the time he came to the area with the Haywoods.  He told us story after story about that trip...always including the time he touched Plymouth Rock.  We were excited when we finally arrived in Massachusetts to see this massive piece of history he'd recalled.  Imagine our shock when we arrived in Plymouth to find the small rock deep in a hole surrounded by barriers.  We couldn't even get a great picture due to the shadows!  We never denied that Dad touched it way back when, but we did claim he would have needed a Go-Go-Gadget Arm to reach it.

Have you ever been to Massachusetts?

Andrea :)

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