Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Triple G! Triple G! Triple G!

Boxing was never a sport I really watched, but with all the hype from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight earlier this year I sort of got sucked in.  After I moved past the blood and general barbaric nature of it all, I found the sport to be quite intriguing.  It requires incredible skill, perseverance, and determination.  And discipline.  Lots of discipline.

When Chris saw that Gennady Golovkin was set to appear in a match against David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden, his only question to me was would I like to go.  My only question to him was when.  As it turns out, the fight fell on October 17 - the day before our 1st wedding anniversary!  We decided to make a night of it with a nice dinner out at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Hell's Kitchen beforehand.

We arrived at MSG early enough to see all three of the undercard matches before the main event. First were fellow middleweights - Tureano Johnson v Eamonn O'Kane.  The fight was an easy decision for Johnson, but you have to give O'Kane credit for staying in there especially after being knocked down twice in the opening round.

Next, the heavyweights hit the ring.  It was certainly exciting to see such massive men boxing.  Luis Ortiz easily handled Matias Vidondo...eventually knocking him out.  Without a doubt, this was the most fun match to watch all night.

Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez and Brian Viloria gave everyone an exciting fight in the flyweight division.  It was incredible to see these two box.  Chocolatito was victorious with a technical knock-out coming in the ninth round.

The main event was much anticipated by the crowd when it finally came time for Golovkin and Lemieux to take the ring.  The crowd heavily favored Triple G, but surprisingly there were still many cheering the underdog on.  Lemieux managed to get in a few punches, but Golovkin handled him throughout the match with absolutely no issues.  The result - a technical knock-out in the eighth round.  Had it continued, I'm certain we would have seen a knock-out victory in the next round.

Overall, we decided we would probably stick to watching fights at home.  The crowd was simply out of control...spilling their drinks, falling down, generally obnoxious.  It was exciting to be there in person for the night, but not quite worth the hassle of being around so much nonsense from all the strangers in the crowd.

Do you enjoy attending live sporting events?  
Or would you rather just watch at home?

Andrea :)

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