Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: After Party!

Since nearly all our guests were staying at the hotel we selected, our reception just shifted over to the hotel bar where the after party began!

I was completely exhausted from the full day of wedding fun, but it was great to have a chance to chat with friends without being interrupted for photos or to be asked a question.  And I only had one request - I wanted some Papa John's pizza!!

And I got it!  Neither of us had eaten much all day so we totally devoured the pizza! Chris played Monopoly Deal with some friends and I rounded up my cousin Tricia who had indirectly introduced the game to Chris so they could all meet her.  After he first played it with my family, Chris brought it back to the WAM office in Albany and life has never the same!

Eventually, we made our way back to the room and crashed!  We managed to spend most of the next morning in the lobby saying our goodbyes to family and friends!  It worked out really well for us to just kinda hang out there because we saw nearly everyone as they left.

That night, Chris' parents set up a nice dinner for us at Morton's.  It gave us some time to visit a bit with his family from England that had come over to help us celebrate.  It was great to have a chance to catch up with them without all the wedding craziness in the mix.  The food was amazing, too!

And just like that we went from bride and groom to newlyweds!  Our first big adventure as husband and wife involved packing up the rental car with all our gifts and wedding stuff for the long drive back to our apartment in New York!  Let the fun begin...

Andrea :)


  1. How fun! :) We ordered a Papa John's pizza to our hotel room the night of our wedding too- we were SO hungry! haha

  2. Thats such a cute idea to hangout in the lobby and thank people/ say your goodbyes! I will definitely be ordering pizza late night the night of my wedding! :)

  3. Pizza on the wedding day sounds perfect! We eloped and then went to a great Italian restaurant.

  4. How fun! We've already requested to go meals of our dinner so we can have a late night snack when we get back to the hotel. LOL. We wanted to have a food truck come but it was going to be soooo expensive.

  5. The after party pizza is an awesome thing. My best friend ordered 25 boxes of pizza for the after party and I never saw pizza fly so fast out of the box in my life, such a lifesaver and love that you got to enjoy a special dinner with your new hubs and his family! Thanks for linking up!!

  6. LOVE this idea!! Papa Johns is our favorite :) I love the door signs, too!