Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Colorful Homes In Burano

After spending some time observing at the glass making factory in Murano, we were off to see the colorful homes in Burano.  It was starting to get darker so we quickly took some photos with the amazingly stunning houses before we ventured over to check out the ladies making lace.  I could have spent an entire day there just taking various pictures of the gorgeous scenery!

Eventually, we made our way inside to check out all the lace.  It is incredible that there are still some individuals that continue to hand make these lovely pieces.  Lots of patience is a must in this profession!


We grabbed a few cookies for a snack at a nearby shop before strolling around checking out the nuances of the area.  It just happened to be Halloween night so we saw several kids dressed up as witches and vampires asking for candy in the shops.

We made a quick stop in the church and had fun people watching until it was time to catch our boat back to Venice.

On the way back, we inquired about an authentic Venetian meal.  Christina quickly pointed us in the direction of her favorite restaurant - Trattoria alla Madonna.  She even suggested what we should order.  When we returned, we gave it a whirl.  And we LOVED it!  I even surprised myself with how willing I was to try some of the not so normal food selections in the appetizer dish.  To be honest, neither of us knew what we were eating at one point.  I really enjoyed the risotto though.  Quite tasty!

The famous Rialto Bridge at night...

By the time we arrived back at our hotel that night, we were feeling confident about navigating Venice.  We still had a few things left on our to do in Venice list before we boarded our cruise though...

Andrea :)

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  1. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous!! Sometimes the best thing to do in a foreign country is just eat what's in front of you and not ask questions... Hahaha. Glad everything was so fantastic!