Sunday, December 27, 2015

Health & Fitness in December

For the month of December, I took a break from all running.  I won a FitBit through a drawing at work so I decided to start it on December 1 and track my steps for the entire month.  I didn't do anything outside my regular activities (ie going to work, social events, etc.) for this month so these numbers are a true baseline for me.  And I was stunned at the end of the first week when I hadn't managed to hit the daily goal of 10,000 steps one single time. 

Dec 1 - 5,793 steps
Dec 2 - 6,442 steps
Dec 3 - 5,181 steps
Dec 4 - 9,349 steps
Dec 5 - 2,823 steps
Dec 6 - 7,379 steps
Dec 7 - 8,195 steps

I managed a pretty good streak to start the next seven days and managed to get fairly close to my goal on each of the other days.  A simple one or two mile walk work have easily pushed me over my goal on each of those days.

*Dec 8 - 12,198 steps!!!!*
*Dec 9 - 11,543 steps!!!!*
*Dec 10 - 10,354 steps!!!!*
Dec 11 - 7,136 steps
Dec 12 - 8,407 steps
Dec 13 - 7,911 steps
Dec 14 - 7,923 steps

Then, a cold/sore throat struck and I was even more sedentary than usual.  Ugh!!  I rarely feel crummy, but when I do it is no fun at all.

Dec 15 - 5,593 steps
Dec 16 - 5,949 steps
Dec 17 - 5,201 steps
Dec 18 - 6,153 steps
Dec 19 - 3,728 steps
Dec 20 - 7,711 steps
Dec 21 - 3,523 steps

I flew to Kentucky on the 21st where I spent most of my time in a car for several days straight and hit my lowest numbers of steps for the whole month.  I sure did enjoy all that time with my family though!!

Dec 22 - 3,665 steps
Dec 23 - 3,770 steps
Dec 24 - 3,164 steps
Dec 25 - 1,887 steps
Dec 26 - 3,014 steps
Dec 27 - 3,761 steps

I made a bit of a surge the last few days of December even managing to hit my goal one last time before another holiday was upon me.

Dec 28 - 8,877 steps
Dec 29 - 5,981 steps
*Dec 30 - 10,713 steps!!!!*
Dec 31 - 5,466 steps

Overall, I learned from this month that it is crucial to my health and fitness that I make a concerted effort each day to exercise in some form.  Maybe one day it is a run and others it is a walk.  Or perhaps I decide to spend time going through a workout video.  Whatever way I choose to do it, I learned from tracking my steps with the FitBit this month that it is extremely important to be much more active than I anticipated!

How was your December??

Andrea :)

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  1. I found when I got my Fitbit that unless you have a job that requires you to move a ton everyday, that's why I am so glad I work out and plan exercise. I've decided that as long as I'm getting exercise daily I won't get so caught up in the 10,000 steps as long as I'm moving.