Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Military Bowl Adventure

Chris has always wanted to watch his alma mater play in a bowl game so when we discovered that Pitt was headed to Annapolis for the Military Bowl we jumped at the chance to make his dream a reality! Unfortunately, Pitt didn't get the memo and managed to play terribly despite scoring on the opening kickoff.  Even though the Panthers weren't able to get their act together, we still had a great experience.

We spent some time checking out the festivities outside the stadium a couple hours before the game.  The alumni tailgate party turned out to be a dud, but we did get some really cool lanyards out of it!  And we found the #ConnorStrong banner to sign as well.  It was really special for the team to include Connor (a Pitt running back diagnosed with cancer earlier this season) as an honorary captain, too!

Once inside the stadium, several unique elements were seen prior to kickoff.  A group of veterans parachuted onto the field with American flags and the game ball.  The National Anthem was sung by Miss America while a flag the size of the entire field was unfurled.  And the teams finally took the field after an awesome fly over.

As I mentioned, Pitt got off to a great start!  They didn't do much else in the first half though.  That put them in quite a hole, but they didn't give up.  Pitt fought hard, but just wasn't able to overcome the deficit in the end.  Even through the chilly weather and occasional drizzle, our group had a blast in the Pitt section of the stadium!

Before we began our drive back to NYC, we grabbed dinner with our friends at the Iron Rooster in Annapolis.  They make their own DELICIOUS pop tarts...and serve breakfast all day!  Definitely recommend checking out this tasty spot if you are ever in town for a Navy game!!

Have you ever been to a bowl game?

Andrea :)


  1. OHmyGOSH, I love LOVE LOVE the Iron Rooster, they just opened one in Baltimore and it's amazing! Glad you had a great time, someday when you visit the DC/Baltimore area we ARE going to catch up :)

  2. I'd love to go to a bowl game should Carolina ever get back to one..LOL. We had such a terrible season! I have been to a game at the Naval Academy though, and the tradition and everything is so wonderful!