Sunday, December 6, 2015

Health & Fitness in November

This month started strong with the running of my second NYC Marathon, but then it held some much needed rest!  I needed it desperately after the marathon.  However, I didn't want all of the efforts to get in running shape to disappear after the big race so I made the choice to sign up for a short 4-miler at the end of November.

I started back at the beginning the week before the 4-mile God's Love We Deliver run with one solitary mile.  I ran the entire mile...and it felt good.  Two days later, I ran a couple solid miles.  Still felt good.  Another two days, I gave it my all for three miles.  A bit more difficult for me to not take any breaks, but I did it.  I was ready!  My plan worked well because I ran for the entire time during the 4-mile race...finishing with my best time all year - 11:52 per mile!

Nov 16 - 1 mile run on treadmill
Nov 18 - 2 mile run on treadmill
Nov 20 - 3 mile run on treadmill

I gave myself another break for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I know I've got to get back to it for December.  I began tracking my daily steps with my new FitBit starting on December 1 so it will be interesting to see how I do with step counts all month!  I don't have any races on the books for the next couple of months so it will be more important than ever that I make time for the gym!

What are you favorite winter workouts?
Andrea :)

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  1. I just started doing pilates with the Blogilates website, and so far I love it! She has great, quick videos that I can do in my living room, and they are real workouts! Plus, she has a great beginner's calendar that has a whole month of workouts designed to get you up to doing her regular monthly workouts - a bit tough for a beginner. Some days it's tough to squeeze in with the running, but so far I haven't missed a workout yet!