Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Cookie Swap Time!

The annual cookie swap I attend always has me searching for a fun new cookie recipe!  This year, I found a good one from Martha Stewart's online collection - Coconut Balls.

It only needed five ingredients and seemed like a quick cookie to make from the two basic directions listed.  Basically, I mixed everything up and then rolled it into balls to bake!  The trickiest part was coating the warm cookies in the powdered sugar topping.  What a sticky mess!

In the end, they turned out pretty tasty though!  I even tied for third place cookie at the party in the initial vote!  As always, it was fun to chat with the ladies and try all the goodies before the fellas crashed the event!  The cookie swap party is definitely one of my favorites of the holiday season in NYC.  Thanks to Reba and Amanda for hosting such a fun night!!

Andrea :)


  1. I'm hosting my first ever cookie exchange this weekend, I am super excited! :)

  2. Yum! My book club opted out of doing our annual cookie exchange - my waistline is thankful, but my heart is not! It's always so fun to exchange and see what everyone brings. Looks like you got a great variety!

  3. We did a cookie exchange at work last week. It was fun! Glad your cookies turned out super tasty! :)