Thursday, December 17, 2015

Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread is one of the most exciting and inspiring shows that I have seen.  Ever.  It tells Griffin's story...a true story...and it is phenomenal.  The music is poignant and beautiful.  A cast full of stunning talent...and incredible emotion!

Griffin Matthews, a gay Christian in an interracial relationship with Matt Gould, attempts to find purpose in his life by volunteering as an aid worker in Uganda, Africa.  Of course, he finds SO much more than his purpose.  In the meantime, his relationship is strained and his resources drained.  Eventually, Griffin returns to New York, but his heart is still in Africa.  The story is heart-wrenching, but told with sprinkles of humor.  And the soundtrack is unbelievable!  If there was a way to purchase it, I would have done so yesterday...SO fabulous!!

Unfortunately, the show isn't on for much longer so if you are in NYC...immediately click HERE and buy your ticket!  If you aren't able to see the show, I'd still invite you to learn more about Griffin's story by checking out his Uganda Project website here.  And, if you want to hear a couple of my favorite songs from the show - click here and here - you won't regret it!!

Andrea :)

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  1. This sounds like a great show, I've never heard of it!