Sunday, December 13, 2015


It's a big day in Bengals-land!!  Another showdown with the Steelers is on tap for today.  Always a great match-up.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck at work today...but I know one place in NYC that will be rocking when 1pm rolls around - Phebe's!!!

Chris had been promising to go with me to the only Bengals bar in NYC all season and we finally made the trip down to the Bowery last weekend!  I was amazing at the number of people there all decked out in their orange and black!!  Who knew there were SO many Bengals fans right here under my nose?!?!  Since there were a multitude of touchdown's scored (thank you, Browns!) I was able to experience the full-on insanity that breaks out each time six points is added to the scoreboard!  So fun with the whole TD song and Who Dey chant!!  And the food was super tasty, too!!  Definitely recommend checking out this gem...especially on a Sunday :)

Props to Chris for decking out in full Bengals gear - husband of the year for sure!! :)

How's your team doing this season?
There is plenty of room on the Bengals Bandwagon if you want to jump ship!!

Andrea :)


  1. Fun! I'm a fair weather fan of the Vikings...seems like we were having an ok season, and then it all went down the tubes. Which is pretty typical for them! But I think, given some time and experience, Bridgewater will be a pretty decent quarterback for us.

  2. What fun! Our Raven's are HORRIBLE this year, hopefully they'll lose the next few games so we can at least get a good draft pick. I feel like Football season flew by this year.