Monday, May 25, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Groomsmen

Christopher's groomsmen are not only loved by him, but also by me.  Each of these guys are great men.  I haven't known them nearly as long as Christopher, but I can't imagine our lives without them. I've included the mini-bios that Chris wrote for our wedding website to introduce you to them.  Chris selected two Best Men - Rich and Justin.

I met Rich in the hallway of Forbes Hall on the first day of class our freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. We hit it off immediately primarily due to our mutual love of professional wrestling. We have been close friends ever since and talk on an almost daily basis. I am honored to be the godfather to his son, Trey. 

Justin and I met in a World Politics class at the University of Pittsburgh. I gave him the nickname of "The Answer" because he actually was a multiple choice answer on our final. He is my go to guy on all movies especially the Oscars.

I met Nick freshman year. I thank him for letting me borrow his car sophomore year and not getting mad at me when I left it running in the Media Play parking lot. 

Fess and I also met at Pitt. He was responsible for me living on Hobart Street and the first time I wore purple. He and I are close enough that I prevented him from becoming a lost soul.

I met Matt at Rockefeller College and at one point we lived and worked together. Matt has taught me about the wonders of Western New York and we are both enthusiasts of smooth grooves.

Gil and I met my senior year at Pitt. He won me over with his wit and charm. He is also from Wilkes-Barre, a place that I was not sure existed until we became friends.

These guys are THE best!  They are wonderful friends to Chris.  And each accepted me as a part of the gang from Day One.  Couldn't have possibly asked for a more wonderful group of groomsmen!

Andrea :)

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