Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Cruise Departure Day

On cruise departure day, we took advantage of a free morning to explore Venice.  When we arrived at our last stop - gelato, of course - we realized we were running a bit short on time.  Determined not to miss our cruise, we hauled tail (luggage in tow) toward the cruise terminal.  As typical with any rushed situation, it took FOREVER for our water boat to arrive and we hit a whole new level of panic when it dropped us off at an empty port area.  We used our knowledge of the People Mover from our arrival day in Venice to get ourselves to the correct spot.  We missed out on the just follow the crowd phenomenon because we were without a doubt the absolute last two people to board the cruise ship.  We were beyond relieved to just be on board at this point!

We cruised with Royal Caribbean on the Splendour of the Seas.  After catching our breath, we walked around the ship a bit.  Chris bought his coffee and soda drink package.  And finally, we made our way to our room.  We were all the way at the back of the ship, but we managed to secure a balcony which was the most important thing!  We sat out there watching the crew make the final preparations to set sail.  Sailing away from Venice to a beautiful sunset wasn't a bad way to kick off this adventure at all.

After the sun finally set, we got settled into our room.  Chris discovered we had some soccer channels much to my dismay.  In spite of that revelation, we headed off for some fun cruise activities - a game show and some BINGO!!

We closed out the night with a lovely dinner.  I gave the chilled watermelon soup a try along with some delicious pork chops.  Chris opted for steak.

Grateful the ship didn't leave without us, we settled in for an amazing trip...

Andrea :)

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