Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday States: Washington

State nickname: The Evergreen State

Year(s) of Family Trip: 2006 and 2010

Cities Visited: Seattle

Can't miss tourist attraction(s):

Space Needle

Pike Place Fish Market

 Underground Tour

I'm kicking off this Saturday States series with our least favorite of the fifty.  But not because we didn't try.  After all, we did make two trips there!  We wanted to have a good experience, but it just wasn't in the cards for our family...

C.L. - Officer of the Year

On our first trip in 2006, Jordan was at the wheel of our minivan when we all started to get a little cranky and decided we better stop for food soon.  Mom, newly diagnosed with diabetes, was also feeling a bit like she needed something to raise her blood sugar levels.  The next thing you know, we see a sign that there won't be an opportunity for food/gas for another 30 miles or so.  Quickly, we decide our best bet is make a U-turn and head for the exit we'd just passed up instead.  Enter C.L. - a woman on a serious mission to cut down crime U-turns on the freeway.  And also the rudest officer the Heflin bunch had ever encountered.  There was no "oh, you must be on vacation" or "how are you fine Kentucky folks enjoying our great state?".  Nope, none of that.  Treated us like we'd all just been released from Death Row that very morning.  Don't get me wrong, we did make an illegal u-turn. wasn't done in a dangerous manner.  There was absolutely NO traffic on this road.  And we certainly weren't from around those parts.  And our mom was on the brink of a diabetic episode...well, possibly.  As you see, the officer had PLENTY of reasons to issue a warning.  And she knew we wouldn't be making the same mistake in her jurisdiction because we were headed off to capture our next state.  She was determined though.  And we rode away with a souvenir ticket from Officer of the Year.

The Slap Heard 'Round Seattle

On our first visit to Seattle, we visited the Space Needle and made one other memorable stop - The Public Library.  Mom, ever the librarian, insisted that we visit this newly remodeled library.  She wanted to gather some information to take back with her.  The rest of us were not real excited about this stop.  Since it was raining, we headed inside to escape the constant drizzle.  Jordan and I made it inside without a problem.  I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly what happened in that revolving door when Dad and Bubsa entered though.  What everyone did hear was the slap (on the back) heard 'round Seattle.

The Most Terrible McDonald's EVER

As the years have passed, it is difficult for me to recall exactly how this McDonald's (located directly across from the Space Needle) screwed things up.  But I do remember that it was such a mess that I even refused an ice cream cone meant to redeem the epic failure.  The photo above required the following Facebook caption upon my return from this 2010 trip: "WORST MCDONALD'S EVER!!!!!! NEVER go's across the street from the space needle...HORRIBLE PLACE!!!!"

Eat and Run at the Fish Market

When we visited Seattle in 2010, our time in Washington came before and after our Alaskan cruise.  Beforehand, we explored the remnants of the underground city, did a little shopping, and had a generally enjoyable time.  Washington was starting to ease its way out of last place.  Upon return to Washington State, we booked a final cruise excursion around Seattle.  This mostly included time at Pike Place Market.  We really enjoyed watching the fish be thrown and checking out all the fun shops in this area.  Our guide suggest we grab lunch in the area, but somehow we mismanaged our time and found ourselves scarfing down piping hot fried fish before literally running to catch our tour bus back to the ship.  Far from the ideal meal we intended.

In the restaurant where we ate that fateful lunch...

Have you spent time in Washington State?
Enjoyed another city in Washington outside of Seattle?

Andrea :)

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  1. Oh, what a bummer! We're planning a family vacation to Seattle next summer - hopefully it turns out better than your experiences!