Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday States: Montana, Idaho, & Oregon

Along our journey, there were a handful of states where we mostly enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drove along on the way to our next stop.  Three of those states were Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.  We always managed to do something in each state we visited, but our time outside the minivan in these three proved brief.


State Nickname: The Treasure State

Year of Family Trip: 2006

City Visited: Helena

Our Stop: State Capital Building

With two Tigers in the car, you'd think we would have been safe crossing the wilderness of Montana. But somehow we ended up driving around the campus of Carroll College when we stopped to visit the state capital building in Helena.  Carroll had recently beat Georgetown in the NAIA National Championship so you know this girl wasn't too happy to be in enemy territory!  The capital area was quite nice though...

PS - Who's Tom??  Haha...


State Nickname: The Gem State

Year of Family Trip: 2006

City Visited: Idaho Falls

Our Stop: Idaho Falls!

Idaho Falls is probably one of our most talked about stops in all of the 50 states.  We didn't stay particularly long, but we all really seemed to enjoy the simplicity and calmness of the area.  I loved every moment we spent at this stop!  The ducks just sent me over the cute!


State Nickname: The Beaver State

Year of Family Trip: 2006

City Visited: Salem

Our Stop(s):  BJ's Restaurant and State Capital Building

Oregon marked our 48th state together as a family.  We just needed Alaska and Hawaii to complete our journey so we had to pull over for some family pics at the Welcome to Oregon sign as we entered the state.  After that excitement, we met some family for pizza at BJ's Restaurant in the Portland area.  We also spent some time catching up with them at a nearby hotel.  The next day, we made a pit stop in Salem to visit the state capital building before we continued on toward northern California.  Our one regret for Oregon is failing to swing by and visit The Roloff Family at their farm!

Have you ever visited these states?  
What did you experience there?

Andrea :)

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