Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Honeymoon: Kotor, Montenegro

Our first official day of the cruise started with a honeymooners brunch!  It was such a fun surprise to find the invitation waiting for us when we returned from dinner on departure day.  Our ship wasn't set to arrive in Kotor until mid-afternoon so the brunch was a great way to spend our morning.  As it turns out, there were twenty couples aboard the ship on their honeymoon.  We played some fun get to know you games and they raffled off prizes before we were treated to mimosas and cake.

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as the ship arrived in Kotor.  The mountains were spectacular from every angle.  At this port, the ship would be tendered rather than docked.  We weren't sure what to think about leaving the ship via glorified life boats, but soon enough we were safely onshore.

Our excursion included a trip up to the top of the mountains where we dined on local cuisine - ham and cheese with a side of wine - before descending back to our starting point.  The journey proved nerve wracking at times.  Our huge charter bus seemed to barely fit on the road.  And meeting oncoming cars...forget it!  Not to mention it being pitch black dark on our downward journey...

The day concluded with a brief tour of the small town at the base of the mountain.  Lots of history to soak up before we boarded our ship!

And a nice treat at dinner, too!!  Then, we were off to the next destination...

Andrea :)

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