Friday, May 15, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: Our Gift Exchange

At some point in the getting ready process, Chris and I exchanged gifts and notes with one another through my brother, Jordan.

I created unique To My Bride and To My Groom cards for us to write a note to one another on the morning of our wedding.  We decided to give one another a small gift as well.

Jordan came to get my gift for Chris first.  I wrote him a sweet note with a very practical gift - a wallet.  I had an insert engraved with a message and our wedding date on the inside flap.  I also got him a Motown DVD that he had his eye on when we went on our quick weekend getaway to Detroit a couple of weekends before the wedding.  

Next, it was my turn.  I had a feeling that he might write me a poem...and I was right.  He had done that one other time a bit earlier in our relationship on a Valentine's Day, and I loved it!  This time it was even more special...and I really had to work hard to blink back the tears since my make-up was already done.  His words were perfect...and just what I needed at that moment.


Did you exchange notes and/or gifts with your spouse on wedding day?

Andrea :)


  1. SO SO sweet!!! :) Jared had flowers and a sweet card delivered to me in the bridal suite as I got ready- I didn't get him anything, haha FAIL!

  2. You two are such a lovely couple, Andrea and Christoper! Exchanging gifts before the wedding ceremony is such a sweet idea to show your love and affection to each other before exchanging "I do's". By the way, how's your wedding? I'll be glad to hear a response from you! I wish you all the best! :)

    Sherita @ Astute Promotions