Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sir Fidel was a Phi Mu

Most people don't realize I'm a sorority girl.  I'm not entirely sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  But I do know that others are often quite surprised when that fact manages to find its way into conversation.  Maybe it's because I'm not a girly girl or that I often feel most comfortable in conversation with men about sports or current events rather than women about fashion or gossip magazine news.  Not to be stereotypical or anything.

Regardless of the reaction (and stereotype), the fact is still the fact - I am a sorority girl.  A Phi Mu.  And Sir Fidel, our mascot, is a lion.  As a new phi, I was assigned a lion pal.  Along with lots of support and encouragement, I also received lots of lion items - stuffed animals, notepads, toys, posters on my name it!  I have fond memories of the pledging stage of joining a sorority.  So many new and exciting opportunities and people!

While even during my college years I wasn't your "normal" sorority girl, I really loved circling up.  What's that you may ask?  Well, for the Delta Eta chapter, it meant we headed out to the quad (surrounded by all the fraternity/sorority houses) after each meeting or event to bust out all our fun and ridiculous songs or chants.  One of my faves started with Sir Fidel...

Sir Fidel was a Phi Mu.  (Dundunda)
Was a sister of mine.
You'll never understand the bond we share
until you're a Phi Mu, too.

Joy to the World!
All the Phi Mu girls!
Joy to the sisters that you see
And joy to you and me.

If I were the queen of the world, I tell you what I'd do............Go Phi Mu!
Joy to the World!
All the Phi Mu girls!
Joy to the sisters that you see
And joy to you and me

King of the jungle and queen of the world...not a bad combo, huh?  And now you know why I can't possibly see a lion - photo, statue, at the zoo - without thinking they just might be Sir Fidel.

Did you join a sorority in college?  
Any fun songs/chants that stuck with you?  
A mascot that will forever hold a piece of your heart?

Andrea :)


  1. I was not in a sorority in college, but I kind of regret not doing that. Although I wasn't exactly shy, I was really bad about putting myself out there and meeting new people. The thought of Rush was a bit overwhelming, and just not something I wanted to do at the time. Now I kind of think I missed out.

    I will forever and always be a Gator, through and through.

  2. I love learning new things about you, Andrea! I was not in a sorority in college, but everyone that I talk to always says they have the best memories from participating. :) I love that the prompt brought back good memories for you as well! Thanks so much for joining us. xo

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I have no clue about anything that has to do with sororities. My college experience consisted of being a mom and rushing home right after classes.

    I did pull all nighters, not because I partied too much, but because I usually waited until my babies were asleep to do any studying or writing.

    The whole sorority thing sounds so fun though! Maybe in my next life :) Haha.

    Thanks for sharing what this prompt meant to you!

  4. Being Australian, I don't have any sorority experience. We grew up watching American movies showing really cool looking college lives...or scary depending on what you were watching. Reading teenage books about young girls sharing dorms gave us a sense of what we were missing. I went to University late, so my all nighters were because I worked full time, then studied full time and any hours left were for school work, so I didn't even get to experience the 'pub culture' we have here in our Uni's. It looks like you have a lifetime of memories and stories to tell.