Thursday, May 7, 2015

#MarriedMaitlands: The Silver Dollar

After our rehearsal at the church, it was time for fellowship and dinner over at The Silver Dollar.  I have to thank my brother for helping us find such a great spot.  He loves checking out different restaurants around town when he's not studying all things medical at UofL.  The Silver Dollar, formerly a firehouse, was perfect for our group.

I wanted to decorate with a bit of a rustic theme that matched the venue more than our wedding. We added a neat touch with a KY Derby bottle of wine as the centerpiece at each table.  The bottles had the most unique poems attached to them that indicated when we would open them as a married couple.  I stumbled upon these via Etsy, and we had an array of poem choices for the tags.  We ended up going with 1st Anniversary, Honeymoon, 1st Home, and New Job with two special requests - 1st Car and a personalized poem for Superbowl Win for either Jets or Bengals (our respective favorite teams).  Who knows if we'll EVER get a chance to open that last bottle though!

Fun little sign I made along with the advice book we took to all our wedding events!

Poem Tags from TrendyLittleDetails on Etsy!  Highly recommend!

Chris and I both spent the majority of the time catching up with our friends.  I think there were only two people in our wedding party that currently lived in NYC at the time of the wedding so we definitely had a lot of catching up to do with everyone.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer making great use of the decor! :)

Chris treating his groomsmen to a round of Long Train Blues.

We also enjoyed the most delicious fried pickles as an appetizer before we selected our main course.  I was super excited about giving the fried chicken and waffles a try...SO good!!

And we ordered our rehearsal dinner cake from Heitzman's - the bakery with the best cake from our taste-testing tour.  I honestly don't remember even having a slice that night, but I'm sure it was delicious.  We ordered strawberry...yum!

The last order of business for the night was distributing gifts to all those that helped to make our wedding so special.  Stay tuned for a separate post next week revealing all the goodies we distributed to our fabulous friends and family.

Andrea :)

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